Etsy CTO On Its Conservatively Crafty Tech Philosophy
Kellan Elliott-McCrea sat down with TechCrunch recently and talked about the Etsy process when it comes to selecting technology, and it is very much a company that has clearly defined methodologies and approaches for everything it does. In his words, to keep the business going with a relatively small staff, “we need to consistently punch above our weight.”

The online artisans’ marketplace sells some unique products and has some unusual needs when it comes to IT. The company sets itself apart in a number of ways. Instead of using cloud services like many young organizations, it mostly shuns them preferring to bring as much as possible in-house.

Etsy, which recently had a hugely successful IPO, is remarkably conservative in some ways, yet always looking to learn. For the most part it prefers to deal with a handful of technologies it can master and understand at a level of expertise few companies can attain. These include PHP, JavaScript, Scala and Hadoop.

The company has 685 employees of which approximately a third are engineers. It boasts a community of 1.4M sellers, listing 29M items with 19.8M active buyers. Total merchandise sales in 2014 were a whopping $1.93B.

According to numbers supplied by the company, it updates its code as often as every 20 minutes, and as many as 70 times per day (with 29.40 on average). Last year it launched 10,000 deploys. In short, it achieves an amazing level of productivity.
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